Hitting a deer is no joke. An average adult deer can weigh at least couple hundred pounds. Hitting a deer while traveling at over 100 mph... well, physics dictates the results to be grisly and dreadful. Like something out of a slasher film.


A deputy in Isanti County, MN, was responding to a report about a man with a gun at a restaurant in the early hours of last Saturday morning, reports local outlet Isanti County News. He was traveling down a dark road in the squad car with the lights and sirens on at 114 mph when, suddenly, a deer leapt out from the side of the road. There was no time to stop.

Miraculously, the deputy was able to walk away from the incident uninjured, despite both front airbags deploying and the hood going into the windshield. He was also able to keep the car in its lane during the crash.


Sheriff Chris Caulk told the outlet:

“This goes to show how dangerous deer strikes can be; but this also shows how important it is to not to swerve when an animal strike is going to occur. If the deputy swerved, he would have rolled and been injured or worse. Staying in a straight line kept the injuries to a minimum when the air bags deployed. We wish to remind all drivers out there to keep an eye out for the deer. They are on the move and with deer hunting season upon us, they will be moving even that much more.”

Below, you can see the deputy’s dashcam footage, as well as some photos of the aftermath.

Warning! The following video and images are graphic.

Images: Isanti County Sheriff’s Office
Images: Isanti County Sheriff’s Office
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