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Sometimes reading the news on car shows makes you feel like you're taking crazy pills. They like that? Seriously? Well, here's a place to vent you pent-up Paris Motor Show rage.

It doesn't have to be rage either. When we showed off the McLaren P1 in Jalopnik 360-mode, emmsys gave a very open-minded reply.


I feel like there's so much peer pressure to have to like the styling! The side view is pretty sweet but I just don't like the front or the rear. There's always an angle or crease that ruins it for me. I think I will need to put some pictures of the P1 in my rotating desktop images and let it grow on me. I reacted this way to the 458 Italia when I first saw it in pictures but now I love it so maybe in time the P1 will be the same.

So what new cars at the Paris Motor Show just don't do it for you?

Photo Credit: McLaren


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