A DC-10 Air Tanker Took A Dump On This Camera Guy

The town of Chelan in central Washington state is currently under evacuation orders as wildfires sparked by lightning prove difficult to contain. But that didn’t stop KOMO News photographer Eric Jensen from getting this amazing shot of a 10 Tanker Air Carrier DC-10 making a drop directly over his head.


The video above shows the plane flying low over a Chelan neighborhood while releasing fire retardant chemicals (often a phosphate mixed with water, but difficult to know in this case) over Eric’s position. As Eric pans the camera back down, we see the lens covered with reddish-orange goo.


Eric later tweeted this selfie to show that the tanker effectively made a direct hit. Despite needing to thoroughly clean his camera (and himself) after the specially modified DC-10 screamed past, we think it was totally worth it to get such an amazing shot.

Photo credit: Top shot .gif via embedded YouTube/KOMO News

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I been around fires with helicopters working, but I can’t imagine what its like having this bad boy making low passes every now and then.


Looks like they had almost everything type of aerial resource working.