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A Confederacy of Deuces: 75 '32 Fords

Illustration for article titled A Confederacy of Deuces: 75 32 Fords

While the Bumbeck Starion could arguably considered the Baskerville '32 Ford Roadster of Web 2.0 (we can't believe we just said "Web 2.0"), we doubt that one day there will ever be more Starions on the road than there were during the car's heyday. While rodding may have been initially honed on the Tin Lizzie, as well as forgotten Hupmobiles and Dodge Brothers machines, the Deuce will always remain the iconic car that gave the era its polish. In celebration of its 75th year, the Petersen Automotive Museum is celebrating a week of Deucanity beginning February 19th. Of course Billy Gibbons will be there. Meanwhile, Inside Line is featuring a brief history of time, as well as a gallery of the 75 most-significant examples of the rodded '32 Ford.


The 1932 Ford Celebrates its 75th Anniversary [Inside Line]

Spy Photos: Ford Fairlane Mule Spotted? [Internal]

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Thanks Jalopnik, you've outdone yourselves! This was one of the most enjoyable features yet. The show is a national treasure.