Spy Photos: Ford Fairlane Mule Spotted?

Paukert the Exclaimer, in collaboration with Bothan spies, has uncovered photographs of what's believed to be a development mule of the new Ford Fairlane. And okay, fine, it's a mule, there's preproduction, subterfuge and whatnot, but it appears to lack the pizzazz of the really-quite-cool concept Fairlane. Or it could just be an example of the Freestyle refresh. Literally, we're getting more and more annoyed with this whole Dave business. Not since Cheech & Chong's "Dave's Not Here" gag have one man's words hurt so many Daves. Mrs. McCave is pissed.

Spied: Ford's 2008 "Don't-Call-Me-Fairlane" Freestyle [Winding Road]

The Adventures Of The Ford Fairlane Continue: No To Detroit, Yes To Design, No To Zuzu Petals [Internal]


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