A Compendium of Vintage Steamer Trucks

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The cats over at Dark Roasted Blend have put together a collection of some forgotten leviathans of transportation history - steam powered trucks. Ranging from modified steam tractors with a deck on top, to full-on, four axle workhorses. We're loath to admit we never even heard of any of these makers; Fowler who? Sentinal what? How about a Mann Wagon? This is especially embarrassing since a few summers of our youth were spent putzing around with 90 year old Case steam tractors and still not a peep about steam trucks. Could be they were mostly built in old Blighty. Could also be that the possibility for hooning in an 80 year old steam powered truck is pretty low. We're wondering if they should become part of our ever expanding product range.[DarkRoastedBlend.com</>]



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The Brits use the English system, same as us (clever name, huh?). But there's a little twist. Their gallons/pints are larger. Oh, and they do use liters, for some reason. And millimeters. But they also use inches and yards.

Dammit, never mind.