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Back in 2007, we posted what we thought to be a request to order an armored Maybach 62 for the President of Azerbaijan. Turns out our cotomer sevis really is that bad. Mr Mamedov sent us what we assume to be an angry letter letting us know that we are silly for transferring such information to the internet, and that something is repeatedly strange. He made sure to let us know that the car was for him and we shouldn't rely on the notoriously incorrect Google for our sleuthing. On behalf of our cotomer sevis department, we apologize and hope that in the future, we can help to not arrange for the purchase of armored Maybah 62's more accurately in the future. Strongly, and repeatedly worded email after the jump.

Dear Sirs! Before that something to write, it is necessary to think well. Who told you, or wrote, that the President of Azerbaijan seeking for the armored Maybach???? Why for such silly information transferring on the Internet. I am, Rustam Mammadov businessman seeking that car, not are you found and seeking on Google quick search. It is not your deal, what you think, we can take permission from you after ordering car????? The silly information should not be transferred or you have nothing to be engaged. Are you stupied, Order strange or not strange!!!! If ordering Maybach, then in your mind it is strange and from strange peoples, all world buying that car, what is strange ????? I think you are very strange person and thinking very strange!!!! Not to be engaged nonsense, it is not necessary Regards


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