Jalopnik Reader Requests Armored Maybach for Azerbaijani President?

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We get some strange requests here at Jalopnik. Sometimes those requests are admittedly from some very strange people. But the e-mail we got last night was by far the most strange request we've seen in quite some time. It's from a man named Rustam Mamedov. If it's the same Rustam Mamedov we found in a quick Google search, then we're under the impression the President of Azerbaijan is looking for an armored Maybach 62 S — but only in black. Full e-mail after the jump.


Dear Sirs! We need buy Armored Maybach 62s black color. If any offers please send to us Regards,

Rustam Mamedov

Well of course the President of Azerbaijan would want a black armored Maybach 62 S, what leader of a minor former Soviet republic wouldn't want one. But — just a reminder folks — whether you're an Afghani prince, a President of Azerbaijan or Prime Minister of Canada — we're a car enthusiast site, not a car sales site. Just sayin'...

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There's a nice turn of a phrase in William Gibson's Spook Country when Hollis Henry, the protagonist, describes a Maybach after riding in on as a "Cartier tank."

Any response to Rustam's email should include this phrase.