A Closer Look At The Nissan LMP1's Incomprehensible Rear Suspension

The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 car is front-wheel drive. Except when it is sending power to the rear wheels in an utterly incomprehensible setup that may or may not resemble a Unimog.

Here is a better picture of the rear wheel packaging, shot while the car tests at Sebring. The reason for everything looking so impossibly compact is because the car uses flow-through aerodynamics. There are huge air tunnels that run the length of the car and take up the space where rear suspension and rear driveshafts go.

We should be seeing some kind of step-down gearing system for the rear electrical power and we should be seeing the tiny little spring, damper, and wishbones as well.


What do you notice in this picture below, in ultra-high res?


Photo Credit: NISMO Global

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