A Chrome LFA Doing Donuts Still Sounds Great

Finally! Someone did donuts in a chrome Lexus LFA. It was only a matter of time until it happened.


The LFA has been a little-hooned vehicle. While it might meet the hoonage standards of most supercars we can count the number of LFA donuts we've seen on one hand: warehouse donuts, swimsuit model donuts, race track donuts, Tokyo Auto Salon drifts, and Tokyo auto-ballet. There are more Mustang burnouts every day than that.

But we're happy every time we see an LFA smoking its rear tires. The car has a reputation for being an unforgiving car, with a fast-revving, no-inertia V10 up front and a back end known for snapping into oversteer. To get one sideways, and to balance the slide is impressive, and it takes some guts knowing how rare and expensive these things are.

This LFA, shot by DL599 Photography, is decked out in some fairly questionable and blindness-inducing chrome. Still, the best part about a skidding LFA is the sound of that motor wailing up to its redline. Even a chrome wrap can't take that away from it.


(Hat tip to Aaron!)

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