A Buick Regal Wagon Might Be Happening But You Probably Won't Like It

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Several outlets are reporting that Buick is seriously considering offering some kind of wagon variant of the Regal for the American market and a possible launch in 2017, but the circumstances surrounding such a vehicle are a little confusing.


Back in December, Buick filed for patents for the names Tourx and Regal Tourx. That sounds promising, but automakers have been known to filed for patents for potential model names and never brought those vehicles to market.

It seems that Buick, however, is a bit more serious about the possibility of a Regal longroof. Autoblog reported that at a dealer meeting in Texas last month, Buick revealed future models and a wagon was amongst the planned vehicles. They also added that “a friend of Autoblog recently let slip that Buick is talking with customers and running focus groups of a new car against the Acura TSX wagon and an unnamed Volvo wagon.”

This is where things get a little weird. First, why would Buick field a “new” model against the Acura TSX wagon, a car that was a sales failure and hasn’t been on sale since 2014? Does Buick really think that the market for used TSX Sportwagens is so hot that it can justify another competitor?

Given the name Tourx, which sounds like some kind of wacky ratchet set that you buy from an infomercial for $19.95, my guess is that Buick is going to attempt some kind of lifted, cladded, wagon/crossover thing in the way of the V60 Cross Country or Audi Allroad. We can pretty much expect a rebadged Opel Insignia Country Tourer. Because let’s be real, a wagon disguised as a crossover is the only way to sell this type of vehicle to mainstream American car buyers.

So is a Regal wagon really coming? In an official statement Buick said that “by the end of 2017, we’ll be revealing three more new models for a total of seven new Buicks in just 24 months.” So if it does come to fruition, it will probably be pitched as some kind of upscale Outback for buyers who want more comfort, but don’t want the maintenance cost of the German wagons.


Whatever it looks like I’m all for more wagon choices for American car buyers. But if cars like the Golf Alltrack and Buick Tourx catch on, automakers will start to take some chances and throw us some higher performance versions. I know I’m not the only one who pines for a US spec Insignia VXR SuperSport.

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