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A Brief Reminder That Winter Doesn't Have To Suck

Illustration for article titled A Brief Reminder That Winter Doesnt Have To Suck

All you need is a competition-prepped 911 on studded tires, a frozen lake in Sweden, and suddenly, that biting wind chill doesn't seem so bad.

If you don't own any of those things, don't fret. For a pretty penny you can just head to the Below Zero Ice Driving experience and hoon around their track with one of their air-cooled 911s prepared by Tuthill Porsche, the guys who made that amazing GT3 rally car which haunts your dreams.


Our man Chris Harris went there a while back, but the video is well worth revisiting. Watching it, you'll agree. He says that driving these incredible 300 HP 911s on ice is the best driving experience you can have, and don't forget this guy has driven nearly everything.


On an entirely unrelated note, my birthday is coming up soon!

Top Photo Credit: Below Zero Ice Driving

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66671 - 200 [METRIC] my dash

Who needs a 911, studded tires, or a frozen lake on Sweden?