Chris Harris Drives A Porsche 911 Rally Car That Puts Baja Bugs To Shame

Illustration for article titled Chris Harris Drives A Porsche 911 Rally Car That Puts Baja Bugs To Shame

The latest Chris Harris on Cars tackles a subject very near and dear to my heart: 997-gen Porsche 911 Cup cars, built for the World Rally Championship's RGT class by the universe-saving heroes at Tuthill Porsche. It's a filthy, sideways good time.


Like their Volkswagen Group compatriots, Porsche hasn't strictly stuck to pavement queens over the years. This video explains that it isn't unusual at all for someone to take a 911 offroad. Much like front-wheel-drive racers who pass everybody in the rain, many Porsche 911 rallyists credit the engine's weight over its drive wheels as what helps them put the power down on loose surfaces.

I think that means the Porsche 911 is the best rally car ever. I'm pretty sure that's what it means. Either way, I'm not the only one who loves seeing a modern-day supercar tackle rough gravel stages. It looks like a vaguely car-shaped mudball at the end of the day, and it's all the more beautiful for it.

Chris Harris has some familiarity with the 911 GT3 Cup cars, yet never on a rally stage. Watch him get used to this magnificent beast and come to grips with having way more power than traction in his usual favorite way: sideways, of course.


Now, can they just build a Cayenne RS, stripped out, V8, increased ride height etc?

Something like this: