A Bentley Owner Picked A Terrible Place To Park For Hurricane Isaac

The Bentley Arnage is the last of the truly old school Bentleys. But that also means it's old school British, with a penchant for faulty electronics and leaks whenever it rains.

So why an owner would choose to park it in a flood prone area during a hurricane is beyond us.


This Arnage from Metairie, LA, was left in a low garage as the slow-moving, rain-dumping Hurricane Isaac made landfall. It's in an area that was sure to be under a few feet of water within hours and this poor Arnage paid the ultimate price.

The person that saw the car says that they expect it to "be retitled and for sale at a Florida Car Max in the near future." Just keep that in mind if you see a great deal on an Arnage over the next couple of months.

(Hat Tip to Evan!)

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