A 100-Year-Old Man Hit Nine Children With His Car In LA

A man claiming to be 100 years old in a gray Cadillac ran into a group of people, mostly children, earlier this afternoon in L.A. Four of the children were taken to the hospital in critical condition, but have since been upgraded to serious condition.

Preston Carter, who was driving the Cadillac, told a reporter he was 101 years old — having been born in September 1911. He then restated that he was actually 100. After about 90 years people just stop counting.

"I was backing out of the parking lot to go home and lost control. The brakes quit, failed, something," the driver, who was identified as Preston Carter, told reporters on the scene. "I'm sorry."


According to the LA Times the man has a valid license until 2013.

Photo Credit: KNBC

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