This is the first non-camouflaged picture of the Ferrari F70, the replacement for the Enzo. Halfway covered in shadow, it doesn't look as terrible as we'd expected.

We've seen pictures and video of the next Ferrari hypercar tooling around Maranello with a front end that looked like a basking shark. Judging by this photo of a presentation at a Ferrari Gala dinner for the Finali Mondiali Ferrari 2012 in Valencia, the production car may not be so bad. This picture was leaked on Chinese social media site Weibo and then to the Ferrari F70 Facebook page and it shows Enzo-like proportions with some smoother, more organic curves.

We can just make out the canopy-style cockpit, the wide-spaced headlights, a very open grill, and a central hood scoop. From this angle, the car just looks like an Enzo with some custom bodywork.


The big news for the car is what we can't see from any exterior picture: this car will be a hybrid. Expect a huge V12 (rumors say either 6.2 or 7.3 liters) hooked up to a KERS hybrid system. Different sources estimate between 800 and 920 horsepower altogether, but we've heard Ferrari is having real trouble getting the hybrid system working.

We've already seen the car's carbon chassis, partially responsible for a rumored weight around 2,400 lbs, around 580 lbs lighter than the F60 Enzo.


There's no question that the car will be eye-wateringly fast. It's a supercar. As a supercar, though, it has to be painfully desirable. Does this first picture make you well up with desire?


Photo Credit: Facebook