This Is Probably Ferrari's New Enzo

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Ferrari's oft-rumored replacement for the once unstoppable Ferrari Enzo supercar — sometimes called the Ferrari F70 — is the company's chance to rip the mantle of world's craziest car away from the Bugatti Veyron.

Early photos from Giorgio Dall'Olio of what purports to be an F70 mule seems to indicate that, yes, the Ferrari FXX project might heavily influence the next generation of Maranello PCP.


This photo comes courtesy of Greg23 over at FerrariChat. This looks to have been taken outside of the Ferrari HQ, or at least somewhere there are giant Ferrari banners on the wall (which doesn't narrow it down in Italy).

The rear window, as James Glickenhaus has admitted, looks a little P4/5 Competizione. Seems like a good move to us as the P4/5C looks best from the rear 3/4 angle.

As for what's going on under all that body cladding we can only speculate. And speculate we shall, because no one will hold us to account for being wrong this far out and we'll get to link back to this post in a year and gloat if we're correct.


There's no mystery to what the F70 name is trying to say: twin-turbo V8 at anywhere from 700 to 800 HP connected to a KERS-like system that boosts power an additional 100 prancing ponies.

Or a V12. Or a V10. Possibly an X16 to battle the Veyron's W16. Think about it.

(Photo Credit: Giorgio Dall'Olio)