Ferrari's New Hypercar Still Looks Like A Whale Shark And Is Spookily Quiet

It sure looks like 2013 is going to be a stellar year for billionaires that have an affinity for really fast cars. We already have the Pagani Huayra and Lamborghini Aventador on the roads, and soon they should be joined by the absolutely bonkers McLaren P12 hypercar.

And soon those three will have another rival from Maranello: Ferrari's replacement for the Enzo.


Now, we've been seeing little bits and pieces of Ferrari's latest hypercar for a few months. From certain angles, the heavily disguised car looks a lot James Glickenhaus' gorgeous Enzo-based P4/5. But from the front, it's the spitting image of a whale shark. We're hoping that changes, and soon.

The car, which is rumored to make more than 900 horsepower from a combination of V12 powwwwwwwwerrrrr and a KERS-style hybrid system, is actually seems to be quite quiet when it's on the move.


Other videos of the car have shown a V12 bellow, but this one shows a subdued, nearly silent car. Can it run on electric only? Perhaps it can, although you'd expect a car with a mouth like that to be pretty shouty.

Expect the car, which we're calling F70 but may actually be the Farfegnugen, to make it's debut at the end of 2012. Don't expect to be able to afford it.


(Hat Tip to FalconHoon!)

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I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one that simply does not find hypercars these days to be even remotely attractive. The Veyron, Zonda, Huayra, CCX, Agera, Enzo, P4/5 - all them are just immensely unattractive cars that make Lamborghinis (Once known for the being the extremist of supercar design) look restrained and elegant. The last such car that I found attractive was the Saleen S7, though the now 20-year-old F1 remains the most attractive of them all.