Illustration for article titled Ferraris Enzo Successor Has The Mouth Of A Whale Shark

Ferrari, which has been out of the hypercar game since the Enzo went out of production, is once again out and testing the mule for the legend's replacement.

Frequently called the F70, the new car has been spotted from behind doing some testing in Italy earlier this year. What we saw is a car with an engine cover that takes a few cues from James Glickenhaus' glorious, Enzo-based, P4/5 Competizione.


The front of the heavily cladded car, which was posted on Ferrari Chat, has a bit of a 458/FF vibe with a dash of whale shark mouth thrown in.

Look for the F70, or the Enzo 2, or whatever they decide to call it, to have an engine with a number of cylinders arranged in a V and around 900 total horsepower from the KERS equipped drivetrain.

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