The first-ever Laissez Les Crapheaps Roulez 24 Hours Of LeMons took place at No Problem Raceway in Louisiana last weekend, and we saw Toyota take the break the tie with Mazda for most races won.

That's right, Toyotas have now won five LeMons races, versus just four for onetime champ Mazda. Will Toyota use this fact in their advertising? They should! Also worth noting is that not one of the six teams running Datsun/Nissan Zs was able to place higher than the existing LeMons Z record of 8th place, though Low Budget Racing's 280ZX was able to tie Team CC Canada's 300ZX. In fact, no Nissan product has ever placed better than fifth at a LeMons event; maybe your Nissan could break the record!

We saw a higher percentage of cars blow up on the track (or, in three cases, before even reaching the track) than at any prior LeMons event, which meant a very uncrowded track for the survivors. We also saw the People's Curse winner flee the track for the first time, leaving us to substitute a dead BABE Rally car in its stead. Here we go, all the cars that managed to get on the track at the 2009 Laissez Les Crapheaps Roulez 24 Hours Of LeMons:

1. GT$500 Racing, Toyota Celica
Overall Winner
Best Lap: 1:33.771

2. Dirty Some Beaches, Honda Civic Station Wagon
Winner, Class Good
Best Lap: 1:36.452

3. Cali Cajuns, Saturn SL2
Winner, Class Bad
Best Lap: 1:37.067

4. Warthog Racing, BMW 325i
Best Lap: 1:37.401

5. LeMons Of Club GP, Pontiac Grand Prix SE
Winner, Class Ugly
Best Lap: 1:33.317

6. Red Rocket Ratnest Revival, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 1:31.291

7. Team Danger Ranger, Ford Ranger
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank Award
Best Lap: 1:38.455

8. Low Budget Racing, Datsun 280ZX
Winner, Alphabetically Challenged, Class Z
Best Lap: 1:32.732

9. Serious Business Motorsports, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 1:32.031

10. Race Hard Race Ugly, BMW 325is
Best Lap: 1:32.499

11. Team 8 Racing, Nissan 240SX
Best Lap: 1:37.729

12. Team Racecar, Nissan 240SX
Best Lap: 1:34.269

13. FUBAR Racing, Ford Escort
Best Lap: 1:36.622

14. FEMA, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 1:38.062

15. Team Sour Puss, Acura Integra
Best Lap: 1:35.973

16. King Fu And The Fu King Racers, Toyota Paseo
Best Lap: 1:40.378

17. Weezer Racing, Ford Escort
Best Lap: 1:37.764

18. Blow Me Katrina, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 1:36.583

19. Piranha Racing, BMW 325e
Co-winner, Organizer's Choice
Best Lap: 1:42.668

20. Team Sensory Assault, Mazda RX-7
Winner, Dangerous Banned Technology Award
Best Lap: 1:36.658

21. Team Shrimp Boots, BMW 325i
Co-winner, Organizer's Choice
Best Lap: 1:38.101

22. Dukes Of Hiroshima, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best Lap: 1:38.241

23. Lost In The Dark, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 1:35.813

24. Property Devaluation, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 1:40.914

25. Nickels Or Nothing, Datsun 240Z
Best Lap: 1:34.153

26. Team Zip Tie, Ford Taurus SHO
Winner, Heroic Fix Award
Best Lap: 1:32.875

27. Black Widow, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 1:30.205

28. Old Whippersnappers, Pontiac Fiero
Best Lap: 1:36.534

29. Rubber Biscuit Racing, Chevrolet Caprice
Best Lap: 1:34.945

30. The Whip-Its, Datsun 280Z
Best Lap: 1:40.667

31. TDH Bixco Bangers, Ford LTD Crown Victoria
Best Lap: 1:45.190

32. Cajun JiHad Racing, Mitsubishi Mirage
Winner, Judges' Choice Award
Best Lap: 1:40.781

33. Rebel Z, Datsun 280ZX
Best Lap: 1:38.928

34. El Toro Loco, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 1:36.878

35. 800-2B-Petty, Pontiac Grand Prix
Best Lap: 1:36.850

36. Team Blue Goose, Volkswagen GTI
Best Lap: 1:35.289

37. Race Hard Race Uglier, BMW 325is
Best Lap: 1:32.766

38. Living Waters Church of Subaru; Beauty of All Wheel Drive Tent Revival, Subaru SVX
Winner, Shoulda Brought A Car With A Big Ol' Carburetor Award
Best Lap: 1:36.707

39. Team White Lightning, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 1:38.021

40. Margarita Racing, Plymouth Neon
Best Lap: 1:38.906

41. Violent Running Gang, Mazda RX-7
Winner, I Got Screwed Award
Best Lap: 1:40.613

42. Team Peer Pressure, Mercedes-Benz 300D
Best Lap: 1:45.311

43. Poo-Parts Racing, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 1:34.449

44. TNT Racing Attempted, Volkswagen GTI
Best Lap: 1:43.361

45. Team Ghost Riders, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 1:46.510

46. OFR, Datsun 240Z
Best Lap: 1:39.585

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