Many-a-racing series require manufacturers to produce a street version of a car before they can legally race in a production series. This process is called homologation. What's your favorite homologated car?

Initially, we were fairly sure we'd end up choosing one of the many wild rally homologation specials (Nissan Pulsar GTI-R, anyone?). Instead, we're hooked on the idea of the BMW M1. The only mass-produced mid-engine BMW, just 456 were built. The blend of BMW Motorsport racing technology with a Giugiaro wedge design was the best Italian-German alliance since the Axis powers. It was initially designed to be raced in the FIA Group 5 class but sales delays meant it was no longer competitive by the time they sold enough to race. A few did well in IMSA racing and, eventually, they created an M1 Procar racing series as an F1 support series. It's rare to find one on the open market and, if you do, except to pay Sultan prices.

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