We had another landslide vote in the 24 Hours Of LeMons People's Curse: the Superkak Racing v2.0 1995 Ford Mustang GT has a date with some heavy construction equipment!

Now, in my opinion, these guys were totally legit on the $500 car-cost front; they had extensive documentation of all their expenses and all the money they got selling parts... but that's not how their competition saw it. Not only that, we hear that they weren't driving in gentlemanly fashion at all times, so that's all she wrote for this Stang. This time, we had a donated appetizer for The Crusher's hungry jaws: the Grayman Motor Club's Mazda 626, which was so tired from winning 7 dirt-track trophies in recent months that it more or less fell apart after about 10 minutes of LeMons racing. So, prospective LeMons racers, keep in mind that the battle is only half done when you sell the judges on your car's budget- you still need to convince the other teams that you're legit!

Here's some in-car video from the car. Damn, they were fast!

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