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$4.6 Million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Debuts On Aircraft Carrier

The 221 mph Lamborghini Veneno Roadster got its Abu Dhabi debut on an Italian military aircraft carrier over the weekend. Because Lamborghini.


The Veneno is basically an Aventador in drag, not unlike the Reventon, which was a Murcielago in drag. And when Lamborghini debuted the Reventon, they also tied the car into the Italian military. I guess those guys have some free time now that they're not invading Ethiopia or campaigning against the Gauls or whatever.

But seriously, the car looks crazy in the best way, and putting it on an aircraft carrier kind of makes sense. Take a look at these excellent pictures from Crank and Piston if you're still skeptical.


More photos and info in the press release.

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For Sweden

Huh, Italy has an aircraft carrier. Who knew?