Though we've asked you about your favorite roads, today's geoporn of Beijing's craziest interchanges got us thinking of the worst roads we've driven on. We can't help but remember a Hungarian prof telling the story of German diplomats driving around Romania (Hungarians and Romanians don't get along, fyi). The Germans think they're making great progress and all four of them are chatting about this in their big Mercedes and then they hit a pothole. A pothole so big it swallows the entire car. Then, as the professor said, "they were all dead, poof." This was supposed to be the punch line. You have to love that Eastern European sense of humor.


We've so far avoided complete pothole immersion in our drives around Chicago, though just barely. Everyone knows that the Tail of the Dragon is where it's at for great driving. You tell us where the fire-breathing mouth (or anus) of the dragon is.

[Photo: EnglishRussia]