What's Your Favorite Patch Of Asphalt?

There used to be this stretch of highway between Magnolia and Hempsted that was all-but-unavoidable for car enthusiasts in the spring when the ditches bloomed with Bluebonnets and Texas Dandelion. Counties Mounties, Johnny Law and the Dr. Pepper Squad were scarce. East Texas roads generally point in a straight line or are too uncared for to be considered ideal for spirited driving, but this particular route was smooth and curvy. It matters little now because the area has become victim to sprawl and the traffic lights and cops that come with it. But it was nice for a time.

Chicago is even worse, requiring you to get to the interstate or Joliet before there's anything resembling tempting driving conditions (unless someone knows something we don't). If it weren't for some friends at a motorcycle riding school with a big flattop we'd still have the shakes. We know from reading other comments that some of you have found some fairly sweet spots. Let us in on the secret. What's your favorite road? Historical or current. Straight or curvy. Long or short.


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