While most of the online pubs won't get their hands on the 2008 Pontiac G8 GT until next week — let that speak for the level of importance our readers (and many other online pubs) are given by Pontiac PR — a few did. The story as we hear it is Motor Trend went live today despite our understanding of there being a Monday embargo on the new Aussie muscle car from the General (e-mail to Angus MacCheeseburger MacKenzie to verify the veracity of the claim has gone un-returned). The Inside Line at Edmunds then went live with their own review. Then others followed suit. One of the later ones was Popular Mechanics — so we'll link to them.

Here's the review in a nutshell:

"Well thanks to the all-new G8, Pontiac appears to have its mojo back."

Want to read the rest from the always affable Ben Stewart? Head over there. Then come back here next week for a real review. [Popular Mechanics]