2008 Pontiac G8 GT Reviewed! Popular Mechanics Drives Excitement In The New G8 GT

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While most of the online pubs won't get their hands on the 2008 Pontiac G8 GT until next week — let that speak for the level of importance our readers (and many other online pubs) are given by Pontiac PR — a few did. The story as we hear it is Motor Trend went live today despite our understanding of there being a Monday embargo on the new Aussie muscle car from the General (e-mail to Angus MacCheeseburger MacKenzie to verify the veracity of the claim has gone un-returned). The Inside Line at Edmunds then went live with their own review. Then others followed suit. One of the later ones was Popular Mechanics — so we'll link to them.


Here's the review in a nutshell:

"Well thanks to the all-new G8, Pontiac appears to have its mojo back."

Want to read the rest from the always affable Ben Stewart? Head over there. Then come back here next week for a real review. [Popular Mechanics]



This car seems to have everything going for it, except for two small problems.

1) its too exciting, people in the market for reasonably priced big cars want bland, ie. Avalon or Azera

2) its made by General Motors, who built some bad cars 30 years ago and consequently have their modern products ignored by a large portion of the buying public.

If this car succeeds (which I hope it does), it will forever disprove the mediocrity=profit business model and might finally inspire GM to continue with its newfound sense of style and imagination.

If it fails (which I fear it might), it has the potential to set the whole industry back to its inoffensive, jelly-bean shaped, FWD recent past.