32 Injured As Derailed Chicago Train Tries To Climb O'Hare Escalator

Train service continues at Chicago's Blue Line with "minor delays" after a train totally, like, jumped off the tracks at O'Hare and careened into an escalator, injuring 32 people this morning.

None of the injuries were serious, NBC Chicago reports, specifically noting that the conductor was walking and talking within a few hours after the 3AM crash.

NBC Chicago spoke with a TSA employee who chose not to be named, explaining that yes it's as crazy as you think when a train jumps off the rails and crashes into something.

I thought it was just a hard stop at the train didn't even slow down when it was coming in. It was chaos. ... People were freaking out. Trying to figure out what happened. Trying to make sure everyone was okay.

The Chicago Transit Authority told the press that they don't know why exactly the train crashed, or if there was any kind of medical problem with the conductor. However, they do point out that for this kind of crash to happen, the train would have to be going a good bit too fast.

Here are two of the first pictures from the scene.



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