First of all, what the hell is going on lately? I can't remember the last time we've had so many stolen car reports. And, secondly, what kind of valueless pants-moistening lowlife steals a car from Jay Lamm, the man who brought racing to broke jackasses like myself?

Jay's Acura NSX is black, has California license plates number 4YHE903, and I think is a pre-1995, but I'm honestly not certain. It's in fairly immaculate condition as well.

Jay's NSX caught my eye when I was judging the Sears Pointless race back in March. I even snapped this picture of it with a Sunbeam Alpine and a Herbie movie car, because, when the hell else are you going to see an NSX and those two cars together?


What's really maddening is that Jay is a really great guy, and is possibly the last person I can think of that in any way deserves to have his car stolen. Not that anyone does, but, come on, this is the Chief Perp of LeMons we're talking about here. I spoke with him about his NSX briefly, and it's clear this is a treasured vehicle that I'm surprised Jay lets anywhere near the shitheaps he's pretty much always surrounded by at the races.

So, please, let's see if we can help out yet again and find Jay's car. I plan to follow every nice black NSX I see even if it means weeks of face-pepper-sprayings and restraining orders.


As always, thanks in advance for any help.