2015 Mazda Miata Will Weigh Less, Be Best Car Ever Made By Anyone Ever

Guys. We all know the Mazda Miata is the best car in the world ever since cars have been cars. Now, we've received word that the next Miata might weigh a little more than a ton of feathers. Suck on that, everyone!


The nex-gen Miata, which is being co-developed with Fiat to create some sort of fantastically pretty Alfa Spider, is set to go on a bit of diet. Rumor has the weight getting down to 2,204 pounds, which is basically the weight of air. The idea for the new Miata is to reduce the weight with new construction so it will have a better power to weight ratio.

That will make the next Miata faster, lighter, handle better, funner, and just all around Miata-ier than the already very Miata-y current Miata.

Can't wait.

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