2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible: First Live Photo

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VW has worked hard to butch up the image to the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, with chunkier curves, retro wheels, and a raked windshield. Well, forget about all of that because we've just seen the namby-pamby cabrio version for the first time.


VW isn't ready to show off the convertible version of the new Beetle to the press yet (just a model so far), but one of our readers found a development car around the corner from VW's US Headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. He points out how the car tries to hide its identity.

There are color printed tail lights over the main tail lights, you can see the 'new' style coming through the printing. The lower lights are totally printout just stuck on the bumper.


You can try and hide the Beetle Cabrio, VW, but it's too late, we've seen everything, we've seen it all.

(Hat tip to John!)

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I'm actually in like with the new beetle. I don't love it, but in the darker colors, it actually looks kind of cool now.