2013 Shelby GT500 Pricing Starts At $54,995

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Even with its skyrocketing price, the Nissan GT-R is still a value, but it's hard to argue it's cheap power anymore. But the 650 HP 2013 Shelby GT500 — at a starting price of just $54,995 — is astonishingly cheap power.

Plop down $54,995* for a base GT500 and you are, admittedly, paying around $5,000 more than the 2012 GT500. For that relatively small additional sum you also get 100 extra horsepower over the 2012 model.


Try squeezing that much power out of your 2012 GT500 and keeping it under warranty for such little cash.

Fully loaded in Candy Ass Candy Apple Red with the performance package, voice-activated nav and Recaro leather-trimmed seats, the price comes up to $62,820.

Or, $1,136 per month for 60 months with $5,500 down and a 7% APR. Not that we've priced that out or anything…

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You can build your own right here.

*Including destination/delivery, excluding taxes, title, registration fees, monthly new rear tires, couples counseling for constantly being with your car instead of your partner, speeding tickets.

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SR20-El Heffe del dinero

In my time at my old Ford dealership, I sold 3 new GT500's. Every single one went the same way.

The customer would come in, look at the car and start drooling. We would "up" the customer and talk to him about the car. Being the car nerd I am, I was usually recruited to sell the Shelby's as I knew more about them than the other salesmen. The customer would ask a bunch of questions. After gettin them all answered they usually sale to test drive it. The answer to this is ALWAYS "Absolutely. After you pay for it." After this they would want to talk price. The price is sticker minus rebates (there are never rebates on shelby's) or GTFO.

They then promptly paid for the car and drove it home. People rarely fight the pricing on those cars. Once in a while you get someone who won't pay up, but we just refused to sell. They always sold, and ALWAYS at sticker. At least at my store.

Why? Answer me this, what other car will do all this for the same price? Go on, I'll wait.

Oh, and if you say Camaro (even the ZL1) you've never driven one and experienced how shitty they are.