2013 Ford Mustang: Even the taillights are cool

Our collective crush on the 2013 Ford Mustang mostly centers around Ford being smart enough to not screw with already outstanding product. With the exception of the gargantuan power boost for the 2013 Shelby GT500, most of the changes are minor, like these killer taillights.


Can we obsess over these taillights for a minute? Many carryover design cues end up looking cartoonish over time, but the Mustang's three-ply taillights have generally improved on the look of the original (ok, the weird early '00s square ones were strange).

The outgoing model has an attractive set of three with sequential turning signals backed by conventional lights. The 2013 model improves on this design with three LED lights surrounded by a vivid light rope that compliments the new HID/LED lights up front. Watch them in action in the Ford B-Roll above.

Sometimes it's just the little things.



Amber turn signals would be nice. Check this out: