2013 Chevy TrailBlazer: This is it?

This is the first image of the 2013 Chevy TrailBlazer, a re-imagination of the once popular SUV also-ran. Though it hasn't been technically approved for markets outside of South America and Asia, the 2013 Chevy Colorado it's based on is coming to the United States. A new truck-based SUV? Are you serious?


A first purported image of the redesigned people mover comes courtesy of DriveArabia.com, who saw this slide of the new TrailBlazer in a presentation a day before the official unveil.

The Colorado's already been positioned as a Hilux fighter in the not-quite-full-sized truck market and the new TrailBlazer can only benefit from being an actual body-on-frame truck underneath.

While GM has said there's no immediate plans for bringing this stateside, we're hoping the $2 billion they've spent on it and the addition of the new Colorado truck architecture to the U.S. market might persuade them to market an alternative to the wimpy marshmallow crossovers that are slowly rotting our brains.

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