Chevy Colorado Rally Concept's a forbidden Hilux fighter

The just-revealed drawings of the global Chevy Colorado in Rally Concept trim reminds us of the Toyota Hilux in that it's a muscular sexy off-roading double-cab powered by a turbo diesel engine. Also because NO TOUCHING! UPDATE!

It's a cliche now to complain about not getting awesome global trucks, but it wouldn't be a cliche if it weren't true. We still cling to some hope that the design language makes its way into the U.S. market because we're still thinking the truck itself isn't going to make it here, at least not in turbo-diesel off-road style (a tamer version maybe).

And that's a shame. There's a business case for not cannibalizing other truck sales, the costs of federalization, diesel issues, and the timing of bringing over another truck when gas prices remain so high.

And then there's a business case for doing what's awesome. What we like to call "the Ford Raptor plan." Oh well, yet another excuse to visit Argentina (the first reason is Argentinians).


UPDATE: According to, this truck will go into production later this year in Thailand and, after that, in Brazil. Better news: we may get one version of this truck. Still bad news: we probably won't get this diesel one.


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