2013 Audi RS4: This Is Its Bumper

We already know some of the leaked specs of the upcoming Audi RS4 Avant, but now we know what its bumper looks like. Basically, now we possibly know what the next RS4 looks like.


From these leaked photos of what purports to be the new bumper sitting on a chair, we can see the big vents to gulp in air for the 4.2 liter, 450 horsepower V8, and the chin spoiler to keep the car planted up to its top speed of 155mph. Curiously, we don't see any room for fog lights, so if this is real perhaps there's some thin LED action going on.

Given that the only thing that really changes on an RS Audi is the front grill and the rear bumper (i.e. ovular exhaust tips), this sums up most of car. The engineers at Audi will do us the favor of mounting the bumper to the rest of the car at its unveiling a month from now in the Geneva Motor Show.

(Hat Tip to: mikeado!)

Photo Credit: auto-plast, worldcarfans.com

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