2012 "T6" Ford Ranger Spotted Across Globe

Illustration for article titled 2012 T6 Ford Ranger Spotted Across Globe

Underneath these Mazda B250-bodied mules, shot in Michigan in right-hand-drive and Australia in left-hand-drive configuration, is the "T6" EcoBoost-powered global platform replacement for the 2012 Ford Ranger. Looks like compact trucks ain't dead yet. [PickupTrucks]


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Ash78, voting early and often

So are they extending the EcoBoost line beyond a powerful V6...say, I dunno...maybe a 200hp/250tq four-banger?

Heck, those are nearly V8 numbers from 15 years ago. Surely that's enough to motivate a small truck with a towing capacity under 5k#.