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The Wall Street Journal got an exclusive out of yesterday's mostly snooze-inducing reveal of new Chrysler products: the much-talked about 2012 Dodge Viper was shown to dealers and it's sleeker and more luxurious than the last Viper.


Here's what we know, straight form the WSJ this morning:

The Dodge Viper hot-rod will be back in 2012. The concept vehicle displayed at the meeting had been painted more than 25 times with a candy-apple red to give it a sleek appeal. The vehicle is more upscale and has moved away from its race car image. Dealers said they were told the company's new product committee took one look at the Viper and unanimously approved its production within five minutes.


This is similar to what we've heard about the new car from Allpar, who believe this Viper will get the same 8.4-liter V10 with some new Ferrari technology. What say you about a less balls-to-the-walls more coddled-balls approach to the Viper?

Additionally, Jeep CEO Mike Manley, after rolling out the Call of Duty Jeep Kotaku mentioned earlier, rolled out a concept Jeep pickup truck hybrid that was described as "all Jeep in the front." Mmm, now that sounds almost as tasty as the Viper.


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