The 2011 Chrysler 200 Is The New Sebring

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The 2011 Chrysler 200 will replace the woebegone Sebring. This refresh looks similar to the Chrysler 200C, minus the fictional electric powertrain. It's being unveiled for dealers right now, none of whom will complain about losing the Sebring name. [Chrysler]

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2011 is setting up to a benchmark year for Chrysler.

The Ram is already off to a good start in 2010, the Grand Cherokee is looking to be off to a promising start, and Chrysler will be introducing the new 200, 300, Charger, and Durango within the year. We already have some idea of how good the Durango will be, based on the great Grand Cherokee. If the new 200, 300, and Charger follow the Ram and GC in terms of their quality and ability, then Chrysler will turn itself into a competitive car maker almost overnight.