2012 BMW M5 plows through the rain

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A little less than a year from going on sale, the new BMW M5 bahn-stormer was caught in the wilds of the California freeway system yesterday, wearing BMW's trademark camouflage wrap on just the tips of its go-fast aero bits. While we've already driven it, even we haven't seen it this naked. Until now.


Shown as a concept at the Shanghai motor show last month, the next M5 will sport a twin-turbo V8 expected to be good for 578 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque — a spritely jump in output from the beloved V10 in the current M5. That force will be routed through a BMW 7-speed transmission and a limited-slip differential, allowing a 0-60mph time of just more than 4 seconds.


While the rest of us will have to wait for the Frankfurt show in September to see the BMW fully revealed in the metal flesh, loyal Fast Lane Daily viewer Fred K. was able to swing these shots. Those 20-inch tires really tie the car together.

More photos to the left.

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Oh my God. Wow! WOW! It looks like the 5-Series with a more aggressive lower front fascia! THAT'S mighty surprising! I would have never thought they'd pull that on us again!

Remember when the 1-Series M was being followed around, seemingly everyday, by spy photographers? It looked like...gasp...a 1-Series with a more aggressive lower front fascia! Un. Real.

I mean, granted, that's some pretty serious camo on the rockers. We still have no idea what those will look like...guess we'll have to wait for the official unveiling! I'm sure they'll blow us all away!

Hmm...I wonder if the M6 will look anything like the 6-Series...only with a more aggressive lower front fascia...

Naaaaah, that's crazy talk. We have no friggin' clue what it will look like, right? I mean there aren't any spy photos of the M6 yet, so how it might look is completely up in the air and will be a total surprise.

I mean, it could end up looking like a Suzuki Reno for all we know...which we DON'T!!!

I tellya, full of surprises, these BMW designers.