2011 Chrysler 300: Another Blurry Face Shot

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With a heavily revamped 2011 Chrysler 300 coming shortly, here's another blurry shot of the old photo of the supposed new grille on the new "Confidential" Chrysler service contracts price guide. Oh, those dealers! (H/t to Stéphane!) [Facebook via Examiner]



There have been some pretty negative comments thus far.

The Chrysler 300 came out in 2005, and at the time it was a major hit. Rather than aping styling from European or Japanese makes, it went all-American with an in-you-face style and swagger all its own. To this day, they are more attractive cars than the Avalon, Accord, Genesis, etc.

While based off of the previous E-Class chassis, that was still a very capable chassis that was light years ahead of anything else Chrysler had to offer, and is still competitive today. In fact, it was awarded North American Car of the Year and Canadian Car of the Year. The car made multiple ten-best list appearances in both Motor Trend and Car and Driver.

Say what you will about MT and C&D, but I'll just put it you this way: One of the most beloved cars on Jalopnik is the BMW 3-series. It has been a ten-best pick for over 15 years, and even the fifteen-year-old models are sweet to drive. If they thought that the 300 was worth mentioning in the company of the 3-series, that says something very positive about the car and its driving experience.

So, now we're getting a new one. No one knows much about it yet. We don't have a complete idea of what it will look like, inside or out. We don't know how it will drive. But we know that the prior one scored well in both categories, so maybe we ought to give this one the benefit of the doubt.