2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Now Official!

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The Toyota Venza-challenging vehicle we've seen teased will — as we were first to report from trademark filings — officially be called the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour and go on sale this fall. Remember, it's a CUV, not a wagon.

Details are scarce in the Honda press missive, but the spy photos we've seen show something that could be based on the actual Accord platform, or on something like the current Acura TSX/European Honda Accord Tourer (pictured). We'll find out what is actually going on under there shortly according to Honda:

07/07/2009 - Torrance, CA -
An all-new crossover vehicle based on the award-winning Honda Accord will go on-sale in the fall of 2009 as the "Accord Crosstour," American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today. This new addition to the Honda lineup will be sold as a 2010 model. Additional information will be announced later in the year.


[Source: Honda]

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It actually looks like a real, honest-to-goodness station wagon, rather than a raised wagon attempting to be a truck.

I approve.

I would be very surprised if it is on the Euro Accord/TSX platform, though; that just wouldn't make a whole lot of sense