Honda Crosstour? Venza Gets An Accord-Based Rival

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A new Honda Accord CUV, set to challenge the Toyota Venza in the mid-size crossover market, has been spotted. No name for the CUV's yet been set, but we're hearing it may be called Crosstour.

The photos of the new Accord-based CUV, posted on the Temple Of VTEC, show what looks to be a Honda Accord Tourer, the European version of the Acura TSX, with the front end of the U.S.-spec Accord grafted on and some kind of extension in the rear.


Since they're testing in the U.S., and given the probability of this vehicle seeing production at one of Honda's Ohio plants, we're assuming the final version of the new CUV will be based on the U.S. Honda Accord platform with larger flares and the rear-end of the Honda Accord Tourer. Whether or not they'll add a third row of seating, something the Venza does not have, isn't yet clear. What is clear from the photos is this prototype is a few inches longer than the European wagon.

Photos show the prototype has a rear differential, so we expect it will also be fitted with an AWD system. Engine choices will likely be similar to the Honda Accord with, possibly, the addition of the 2.3-Liter turbo fourbanger out of the Acura RDX for more power.

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Rumors suggest the Accord-based CUV begins production at the end of the year. No name's yet been set, however a name we've heard recently is it'll be called "Crosstour." Although the name's similar to a name of a concept from Hyundai from way back in 2000, Honda took the trademark as of the end of this past year. Thanks to Asher for the tip.


[via Temple of VTEC]

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The age of the his-and-her crossover lineup continues...

Toyota already had a perfectly good Camry-based crossover-wagon thingy...the Highlander.

But they went and took a bicycle pump to it and now it looks like Dizzy Gillespie's cheeks.

So they had to build a more girly wagon, hence the Venza.

Ditto the Pilot; it looks like a truck, smells like a truck, but know. The thing is, you look at Honda's JDM line, there are like 14 crossovers, not including kei cars. Are they pluckin' one of them for the US?

What's wrong with an Accord WAGON?