2010 Cadillac SRX: Part Three

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The remains of Packard burned last Sunday with the 2010 Cadillac SRX watching its former competitor smolder. But there's a reason why Cadillac's still standing. However, is it enough of a reason to merit buying?


Why you should buy the 2010 Cadillac SRX:
The Lexus RX puts you to sleep. You want to buy American but you don't want to buy a half-assed product to do it. You liked the last SRX but wanted a more polished product. Cadillac styling gets you excited but a sedan isn't in the cards. You like your mom-mobile to be as noticeable in a parking lot as possible. You're a trophy wife jealous of Danica Patrick's driving skills. You want a crossover but don't want to sacrifice driving dynamics to get it.


Why you shouldn't buy this car:
You think crossovers are the devil and station wagons are the future, thus you're on the waiting list for a CTS Sport Wagon. You like being smothered in technology as a substitute for quality. You hate the idea of a Cadillac SUV, much less a Cadillac crossover. Fuel economy is the driving force in your buying decision. Brash styling leaves you cold and angry. You're much happier in a sensible minivan.


Suitability Parameters:
Speed Merchants: No
Fashion Victims: Yes
Treehuggers: No
Mack Daddies: Yes
Tuner Crowd: No
Hairdressers: Yes
Penny Pinchers: No
Euro Trash: No
Working Stiffs: No
Technogeeks: Yes
Poseurs: Yes
Soccer Moms: Yes
Nascar Dads: No
Golfing Grandparents: Yes
Sheiklets: No
Very Serious Businessmen: Yes


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• Manufacturer: Cadillac
• Model: SRX
• Model year: 2010
• Base Price: $34,155
• Price as Tested: $45,230
• Engine type: 3.0L DOHC, V6, direct injection, variable valve timing
• Horsepower: 260HP @ 6950 RPM
• Torque: 221 lb-ft @ 5600 RPM
• Transmission: 6T70 Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic with manual control
• Curb Weight: 4224 lbs (FWD)/ 4307 lbs (AWD)
• LxWxH: 190.2 " x 75.1" x 65.6"
• Wheelbase: 110.5"
• Tires: P235/55R20
• 0 - 60 mph: 8.1 seconds (manufacturer quoted)
• Top Speed: 130 MPH
• EPA Fuel economy city/highway (Estimated): 18/25 MPG (FWD), 17/23 MPG (AWD)
• Jalopnik Fuel Economy: 20.5 MPG (city/highway mix 35/65%)
• NHTSA crash test rating: Testing not completed

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