2010 British Motor Show Canceled On Account Of Carpocalypse

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Autocar is reporting the 2009 British Motor Show has been canceled due to the Carpocalypse. Whatever. We know it was really because of the bland food, crummy weather and threat of ghost-of-Lucas-related electrical fires.


Show organizer Paul Everitt explains:

"We didn't want the situation of planning a show against a background of uncertainty, so we crystallised debate very quickly: could manufacturers commit to the show for 2010? The manufacturers are all in the process of making redundancies, cutting salaries, cutting working hours and trying to save money. It would have been foolhardy for them to come to us and commit to spending very significant amounts of money at such a time. Unsurprisingly, the people we asked all said they couldn't commit, so we have canceled."


Sounds reasonable, but where will the myriad cottage-industry British automakers introduce their latest wares? Given the recent history of British brands, the Mumbai Auto Show might be a good call. [Autocar]

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I blame Canada.