2009 VW Routan Embargo Broken By VWVortex Before Chicago Auto Show Reveal?

Sorta. OK, no, not really. For some strange reason Jamie over at Motive Mag the site that's a Vortex for all things VW has posted a Vaseline-enhanced image of what they're claiming is the new 2009 VW Routan (what our Rou-tan Clan spy photo from last night wasn't good enough for ya?). There's absolutely no way we can be sure of their claims, as it could really be any minivan underneath that fuzzy p-shop masking layer. But if it is the new egg-mobile from VW with the unpronounceable name of Routan, that's one heckuva big logo it'll be sporting in the front. Well, it's got to be easily distinguishable from its Dodge and Chrysler cousins, doesn't it? Well, we'll find out soon enough what it looks like as we've got the Chicago Auto Show starting in oh, right around five days? [VW Vortex]


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