2009 VW Routan Spotted Before Chicago Auto Show Reveal

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Brenda Priddy and her quick lens caught the first photos of the rebadged Dodge Caravan that is the 2009 Volkswagen Routan Minivan. As you can tell from the photo, it does carry a lot from the current lineup of Chrysler minivans (though, with something else going on out front and in back). If you look at the back, you can see the taillights have a sort of curvature reminiscent of the current Passat/Jetta, unless that's an optical illusion. Exciting stuff. We can't wait to see it in full at the Chicago Auto Show. Spy report below the jump.


VW has managed to keep prying eyes away from viewing their upcoming Chrysler-minivan-platform-based "bus" - and it was only with shear luck that we spotted it today - just days before it's Chicago Auto Show debut.

Although at quick glance one would think it was just another Town & Country, little differences indicate that it is in fact Volkswagen's version. The illuminated taillight appears similar to others in the VW lineup, and the read-side window appears to be very different from any that we've seen on the Chrysler and Dodge brands.

Watch for the Routan to official debut next week in Chicago, with an on-sale date slatted for late summer or early next autumn.

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Yes, folks, continuing in the established tradition of weird names, VW brings you The Unpronounceable!

Original Beetle - that was never its actual name.

Scirocco - about 50% of the people I knew said the "c"

Rabbit - no, Golf...no, Rabbit

New Beetle - no, we aren't calling it "New Type 1"

Eurovan - you wish Euromillionaire, but no...Eurovan.