The tiny German manufacturer Lotec has released new renderings of the 2009 Lotec Sirius, and it could quite possibly be the ugliest super car ever. You may want to set down that sandwich.

The small German manufacturer, Lotec, has recently released new images of the updated 2009 Sirius. Originally launched in 2000, the Lotec Sirius set its sights on some of the fastest supercars on the market with its Mercedes-Benz sourced V12. While the engine is similar to the one found in the Pagani Zonda, Lotec attached two turbos to the 12-cylinder mill in order to reach a peak of 850 HP.



While details about the new model are scarce, we do know that Lotec had originally tested the Sirius’ V12 to 1,200 HP and a 249 mph top speed. With these numbers, the Lotec is setting its sights on the performance giants including the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg CCX-R and the SSC Ultimate Aero. Are they serious?

We asked you back in 2006 and we’ll ask you again –- do we care?

[via WorldCarFans]