2009 Kia Forte Sheet Metal Meets Web, Web Likey

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Here it is folks. Apparently the speculation's now over and we've no more need for silly teaser shots — here's the official press shots of the new replacement for the Kia Spectra/Cerato, the 2009 Kia Forte sedan. Our snap judgement? It's not too shabby looking. In fact, in comparison to the Spectra, it's downright hot. Want one? You'll have to wait, the sedan model will supposedly enter the U.S. market by mid-2009 — for now, it goes on sale on August 22nd in Korea. We'll have more info as we get it. For the moment, soak up the silver images we've got below.

[Kia via The Car Blogger]

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I don't think the styling is as derivative as everyone's making it out to be. All Asian automakers essentially copy each other and it appears to me that Kia has stepped up to the plate with something that's both interesting and plain at the same time (the killer combo). Yeah, the nose looks similar to a Euro civic (that we don't get here) and the taillights look similar to the Lancer (or the Lexus G, no E, No, L, oh, whatever the Lexus is that has lights like that). But the front fender detail combined with that kooky shoulder line make this pretty recognizable and different, especially considering the boredom inspired by its competitors.

I say that this, the Soul and the Cee'd/ProCee'd would make a pretty killer line-up with young'ns here in the States if they can get their poop in a group.