2009 Kia Forte Interior Copies Koup Concept

Illustration for article titled 2009 Kia Forte Interior Copies Koup Concept

The 2009 Kia Forte's exterior already hit the web, intriguing it with some surprisingly attractive exterior features. But we still reserved our opinion fully as we hadn't yet seen the interior — until now. Thanks to some sneaky Korean websites, these shots reveal what the little Spectra-replacement will look like on the inside.


What they found is it doesn't look much different from the Kia Koup concept shown off at the 2008 NY Auto Show. Yes, the exterior sheet metal is sleek, but now it appears the interior may be bearable as well. Now it only remains to be seen how well it can do against the twin Japanese powerhouses of puny — the Corolla and Civic. [CarScoop]

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Rob Emslie

Mark; could you change that headline to read "2009 Kia Forte interior kopies Koup koncept? That would be just Kwazy Kool.